Hair growth and reinforcement shampoo

with keratin and oat surfactants

This tender formula is based on cleansing agents derived from oat. It contains highly concentrated keratine and is sulphate, parabene and silicone free. Designed for soft and tender treatment for hair and head skin.

pH-neutral, ideally suits for human scki,

Frequent use of this shampoo boosts healthy hair growth, reinforcement and restoration of each hair inside and outside.

Highly recommended for use after colouring and decoloration, salon treatments like laminating and keratin straightening.


  • Keratin enveils the hair and penetrating deeply inside repairs the hair structure by filling in the damaged parts. Thus it builds up the hair to its natural form.
  • Oat surfactants are substances resulting from oat aminoacids acylation. They do not change skin barrier functions, form a thick creamy foam for gentle cleansing of head skin an hair. They are less aggressive than normal surfactants.


  • Flax, horse chestnut, bur-marigold, burdock root, ginger, calamus, chili pepper, each of them strengthening hair bulbs and providing hair growth.
  • Avocado oil is a cocktail of vitamins (A, C, D, E, K, PP, those of B group), minerals, saturated and non-saturated fatty acids. All these substances improve hair structure, strengthen hair bulbs, make your hair shiny and elastic again.
  • Panthenol nourishes and strengthens hair roots. Has a moisturizing and reinforcing effect, makes the hair shiny.


For a better result dissolve the necessary quantity of shampoo in a small quantity of water, then apply to wet hair and head skin, massage a little and rinse. Apply the shampoo another time, spread over your hair, make foam- you’ll feel the foam is creamy and dense!

Rinse thoroughly.


250 ml