Hair Conditioner Feromonummolecula

with pheromones

Feromonummolecula Hair conditioner is not only a product of the highest quality, based on the latest achievements of world cosmetology, it is a new chapter in the history of human sexuality, which interacts with the subconsciousness of man and woman, it is the quintessence of passion, a scent of limitless desire and arousal. The creators of the brand managed to break the traditional ideas and prove that scent can be most attractive and seductive, it evokes wild desire; Conditioner aroma conquers and captivates from the very first moment and never lets go again.

The seductive ingredients in the Feromonummolecula formula intrigue, attract and bring secret fantasies into life.


  • Pogostemon Cablin is an ancient erotic oil that arouses excitement and erotic generosity. It boosts sexual vigor, sensitizes erogenous zones, introduces a new and festive sensation into communication, coloring erotic contacts with vivid “crazy” tones.
  • Zingiber Officinale is a legendary aphrodisiac known from ancient legends. They say Cleopatra, Don Juan, Catherine the Great and Casanova used it. It interacts with one’s sexual sphere, boosting men’s libido and women’s desire.
  • Verbena Officinalis is a luminous charm of courtesy and sensualism. The Feromonummolecula Conditioner will not only boost the effect of Shampoo and make your hair lush, it will also enhance your magnetism and the attraction of the opposite sex. The Conditioner is suitable for regular hair and scalp care. Regular use of Feromonummolecula will help you to win openness to a partner, reveal the passion, tenderness and uniqueness.


Apply a proper amount of the Feromonummolecula Conditioner to damp hair after using Feromonummolecula Shampoo, spread along the length, leave in for 1-2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with running water.


For maximum synergistic effect use the Hair conditioner together with the Feromonummolecula Shampoo and all the Feromonummolecula products. For all hair types.