«Pony» tear-free shampoo for kids

Lauryl sulphate - and parabene free

Lauryl sulfate and parabene FREE!

This natural and safe shampoo formula was especially designed for kids. It calms and soothes head skin and strengthens hair roots. Tear-free formula does not irritate the child’s eyes. Tested and approved by dernatologists.


  • Burdock extract strengthens the hair and improves and boosts hair growth.
  • Trifolium extract makes the hair shiny and elastic while moisturizing it.
  • Plantain extract prevents hair breaking and nourishes it.
  • D-panthenol forms a protective film protecting your child’s hair from losing moist and regenerates the hair ans head skin.


Colourants, preserving agents, unverified food additives FREE
Does not irritate head skin and eye mucosa
Sulphate, parabene and silicone free, non-allergenic
Soft cleansing base and sweet smell
Balanced PH corresponding to child’s skin
Suitable from 3 years old


Apply to wet hair, fluff up the foam a bit, rinse thouroughly. Repeat if necessary.


500 ml