Anti-Cellulite High Correction Cream-Gel

slim fit

The specially designed Body Sculpt complex includes a series of revolutionary products aimed at active struggle against cellulite, stretch marks,
sagging skin and eliminating body imperfections. It reduces fat cells and shapes body contours.
The Anti-Cellulite Cream-Gel provides maximum efficiency, and allows you to achieve impressive results:

  • dramatically reduces cellulite manifestation
  • sculpts problem areas of the body
  • visibly models body contours
  • the skin is smoothed, firmed, becomes more supple and elastic
  • efficient even at advanced stages


  • Rhodophyceae red algae dramatically improves lipolytic activity, shaping body contours.
  • Suaeda maritima boosts the lipolysis to make your weight loss more effective.
    As a result, the “orange peel” is smoothed and the body becomes slimmer.
    Caffeine activates lipid and water metabolism, helps improve skin tonicity.

As a result, day after day your body becomes slim, fit and supple, free from cellulite and “saddlebags”.


apply some Cream-Gel to clean dry skin in the problem areas. Spread it with massaging motions until it has fully absorbed. Apply 2 times a day, morning and evening.


to boost its effect, you can combine it with №1 Anti-Cellulite Multiactive Serum slim fit (day and night). Apply some Serum to clean dry skin in the problem areas, allow it to absorb
completely, then use № 2 Аnti-Cellulite High Correction Cream-Gel.


150 ml