Relaxing body treatment

Movement is Life!

Horse Force relaxing balm-gel for joints formula was designed with natural ingredients only. It’s effective for radiculitis, back, muscles, ligaments and joints pains of different origin. Still it can be used as preventive treatment of muscle fatigue after physical exercise.


  • Mint oil rich in menthol improves penetration of other components of the balm deep into muscles and joints.
  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant slowing aging of cells and preventing blood clots formation. Boosts tissue regeneration and reduces scarring. Vitamin E is very important for red blood cells, improving cell respiration and raising general endurance.
  • Lavender oil has a general tonic effect. Balm-gel has a comfortable body, intensely moisturizes skin and makes it more elastic.

Has analgesic and cooling effect on pain and traumas of musculoskeletal system

Effective for preventive treatment of muscles, joints and ligaments pain of different origin

Effective preventive treatment of muscle overexertion after physical exercise


Recommended for massage


500 ml