Heating gel, 125 ml

with capsaicin

Gel has a long-lasting warming and relaxing action. The active ingredients of the Gel are effective. And this gel has heating effect «from the inside», as a result, it improves tone, the skin acquires elasticity.


Capsaicin from the hot pepper extract has a local irritative, distracting and heating effect.
Vanillyl butyl ether (VBE) improves the microcirculation, creates a prolonged heating effect, and has a low irritation profile2.
Camphor has a local irritative, antiseptic and hyperemic effect.
Eucalyptus essential oil provides a local distracting and tonifying effect, as well as a hyperemic effect.
Clove essential oil offers an antiseptic effect.
Cinnamon essential oil possesses a tonifying effect.
Natural menthol has a tonifying and distracting effect, stimulates cutaneous receptors.


apply some Gel to your neck, lower back, knees, elbows, feet and other body parts, rub in with light massaging motions until the product is fully absorbed. The Gel may cause temporary skin redness.


for maximum result wrap the application area with warm cloth.


do not use on damaged skin, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Wash your hands thoroughly after individual intolerance to the ingredients.


125 ml