Big Bust Volume Serum Concentrate

The specially designed Body Sculpt complex includes a series of revolutionary products aimed at bust care, both prevention and shaping ones. It also offers products for active struggle against skin sagginess and eliminating body imperfections.

The Big Bust Volume Serum Concentrate provides comprehensive revitalizing care for your bust and decollete skin. It is recommended to use this product to improve your bust structure and shape, especially after pregnancy or weight loss, at the first signs of elasticity loss and emerging stretch marks.
The increased concentration of innovative active ingredients and their carefully selected synergistic combination in the composition of the Serum allow to achieve maximum efficiency and visible impressive results:

  • non-surgical lifting effect
  • enhanced breast volume and size
  • activated “fat pad” formation
  • improves skin tone and elasticity of the bust by restoring the cellular level


Volufiline™ 5% is a hormone-free innovative active ingredient that works in the deeper layers of the dermis. It enhances adipocyte proliferation and differentiation and regulates the accumulation of lipids, triggering the stimulation of new fat cells formation in the subcutaneous fat of the mammary glands, thus enlarging bust volume and size.
Adipofill’in™ has a global influence over the anabolism of adipocytes, stimulates cell filling and increases fat tissue volume, imitating the effect of bust lipofilling and lipomodelling, dramatically enhancing bust volume. The new generation delivery system ensures deeper penetration to the problem areas.

Shea butter and Avocado oil combined with vitamins B3, B5, B6, C and E have a moisturizing, nourishing and vitaminizing effect, improve the skin turgor and the condition of the skin with stretch marks



Use light circular motions to apply some Serum to clean dry skin of bust and decollete, along the lines in the figure below, allow it absorb. Do not apply on the areoles. Use 2 times a day: morning and evening.


to boost the effect of the product, we recommend to combine it with №2 Big Bust Volume Cream-Gel. Apply some Serum to decollete and bust, once it has fully absorbed, use №2 Big Bust Volume Cream-Gel.


100 ml