BURENKA nourishing face cream Belgian Style

with Fitofloran and peptides

The Nourishing Cream, based on PEPTIDES and FITOFLORAN, is an efficient main care product for sensitive, dry or withering skin. The PEPTIDES stimulate collagen and hyaluronic
acid production, thus reinforcing the skin matrix.

The FITOFLORAN complex, a unique solution designed by our laboratory, is based on highly effective biologically active ingredients obtained from a blend of oils and medicinal herb
extracts. It boosts the effect of the Cream, making your skin young and beautiful.

With regular use the Cream delays the manifestation of age-related changes, visually reduces the wrinkles, offers a lifting effect, improves your complexion and the elasticity of your skin, filling it with vitamins.


Аpply a small amount of the Cream to clean dry face skin, then use light tapping motions of your fingertips to help the product to absorb.


100 ml