Anti-Cellulite Multiactive Serum

slim fit day & night

The specially designed Body Sculpt complex includes a series of revolutionary products aimed at active struggle against cellulite, stretch marks, sagging
skin and eliminating body imperfections. It reduces fat cells and shapes
body contours.

The Anti-Cellulite Multiactive Serum is equipped with a special applicator, which allows to apply the Serum to the skin surface, massaging the problem areas at the same time, thus improving the blood circulation and the delivery of the active ingredients into the derma to fight the fat depot and signs of cellulite.

The ingredients of the Anti-Cellulite Multiactive Serum provide maximum efficiency and allow you to achieve impressive results:

  • “orange peel” manifestation is dramatically reduced
  • intense lipolytic activity
  • modeled contours of the problem body areas
  • the skin becomes supple and fit
  • effective for advanced stages

As a result, your body turns slim, beautiful and free of the “orange peel” day after day, while the skin becomes supple and fit.


Rhodophyceae red algae dramatically improve lipolytic activity, shaping body contours.
Corallina Officinalis coral weed helps to firm the epidermis and improve its structure; acts as a regenerating and delicately whitening agent, that smooths the stretch marks.
Suaeda maritima intensifies the lipolysis to ensure more effective weight loss. As a result, the “orange peel” is smoothed and the body becomes slimmer.
The complex of horse chestnut, clove, ginger, cinnamon, trigonella and chili pepper extracts helps improve the microcirculation, heat the tissues and boost the metabolism.



turn the nozzle to the ON position and use the massager to apply some Serum to clean dry skin in the problem areas. Set the nozzle back to the OFF position and use massaging motions
to spread the Serum over the skin until it has fully absorbed. Use 2 times a day (morning and evening) to eliminate cellulite and 1 time a day for prevention.


to enhance the effect, we recommend to use №2 Anti-Cellulite High Correction Cream-Gel once the Serum has fully absorbed.


200 ml