No rinse REANIMATOR serum

with keratin, argan, woad and black-caraway oils

‒  The REANIMATOR is a treatment after washing the hair and before hair dressing.
‒  Provides easy brushing, detangling and beautiful styling
‒  The hair becomes soft, elastic, strong with a smooth structure and beautiful natural shine
‒  Necessary for treatment of splitting, fragile and damaged by daily styling hair
— Restores damaged hair structure, cures the ends


  • Keratin effectively fills voids between keratin flackes, restores the integrity of hair structure
  • Woad Oil is used for prevention of high grades of hair loss and for damaged hair bulbs restoration
  • Black-Caraway Oil nourishes and strengthens hair roots. Is a preventive treatment against skin problems.
  • Amla Oil restores damaged hair, improves blood circulation, recovers cellular metabolism, boosts hair growth, strengthens hair roots and bulbs, calms down skin irritation and inflammation, provides antiseptic protection.
  • Argan Oil  is a powerful herbal  antioxidant, elixir of life for hair. Ideally suits for damaged, split, coloured, dull and fragile hair
  • Ilang-Ilang Oil provides head skin cleansing and protection against infections.


Ladies of age 14+ who want to recover their hair after colouring, keratin straightening, often-used hairdryer and daily styling.

For a better result we recommend that you use this product as a complementary treatment together with Horse Force Shampoo, Balm and Melting mask with hyaluronic acid and pepper extract.


  1. After washing your hair for easy brushing and protection: spray reanimator serum all over the wet towelled hair, being especially attentive to the ends. Brush the hair. Keep the serum for 1-2 minutes to work. Do not rinse. In 1-2 minutes you may begin styling as usual.
  2. Before hair dressing for hair protection an shine: spray a small quantity of product to your hair, being especially attentive to the ends. Brush your hair. Do not rinse.


Plastic bottle with a dispenser, 100 ml