Shampoo for coloured and damaged hair

with lanolin and biotin

Provides professional quality of treatment for coloured hair or hair damaged by thermal influence or everyday styling.


  • Coloured hair
  • Hair damaged by perming
  • Hair damaged by thermal influence
  • Hair damaged by every day styling


This formula was designed for thorough cleaning of hair and head skin at the same time solving the problem of thin hair, providing its strengthening and repair, makes your hair thick, elastic, healthy and beautiful.

This shampoo is easily washed out, has a nice fragrance and neutral pH ideally suitable to human skin.


  • Collagen restores hair structure, flattens ceramide flakes, moisturizes and protects the natural cover of the hair core making the hair elastic.
  • Lanolin protects head skin from excessive drying in case of frequent washing, preserves natural protection.
  • Biotin acts against hair loss, strengthens the hair and boosts its growth.
  • Elastin is a protein responsible for elasticity of conjunctive tissues. Elastin creates a “breathing” film which prevents moist from evaporating and controls skin fat secretion.
  • Arginine is an aminoacid recovering inner structure of a hair at the cuticle level. It protects your hair from breaking and splitting. Improves blood supply to hair bulbs thus boosting hair growth.


Apply to wet hair, make foam with massaging movements and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.


500 ml