«Doyarka zoya» cream for tender skin and sound nails

For protection and recovery

Based on Cameline Oil this cream has a high dose of vitamin B3 and is designed as a treatment for dry, prone to irritation hand skin and nails. Tender cream makes a protective film to cover your hands and nails from negative environmental influence.


  • Ideal for sensitive hand skin
  • Tender cream base forms an almost invisible film on your skin thus protecting it fron negative environmental effects
  • Strengthens your nails
  • Soothes hand skin surface keeping it elastic
  • Designed for protection and deep tratment for nails and sensible hand skin prone to dryness and irritation. Innovative formula with cameline oil makes you skin shine from the inside and offers a strong protecion.


  • Allantoin smoothes the corneous layer, provides exfoliation of dead skin cells. Softens the skin and moisturizes it.
  • Cameline oil is anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, healing and antimicrobial. It’s also an effective complex treatment for several skin diseases (like neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, diathesis, hives, etc)
  • Vitamin PP (B3) is responsible for normalization of metabolic activity and vasodilation.



250 ml